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I searched for the right home for this bundle of lovable energy and I found the perfect match. Alexandra and Kayla are the center of each other's lives. Alexandra, a junior handler, has been involved in 4-H for several years. She and Kayla have already been involved in 4-H, obedience and handling classes and herding. In January they started their show ring debut. Check out Kayla's Show Record!!!
Sandy Bergman
  Owner Comments  ---------------------

Dear Sandy,

 Kayla is WONDERFUL!  How can I thank you enough? 

She is so ladylike and polite.  You've made it too easy for me with all the training you put in to her!  Kayla and Oreo are getting along wonderfully considering it's the first day. 

Kayla didn't make a peep all night, though I think she would rather sleep on my bed than in the crate. She loves being up on my bed and falls asleep when I stroke her.<G>

Oh, she is so georgeous! 

Kayla was introduced one a a time to the children this morning and was great.  She gave them all a face wash and then settled down for stroking.

Little pretty Kayla is a joy.  I'm so proud to have such a beauty.  Thank you for letting her come into my life!


Kayla and I enjoyed our show weekend very much.

Kayla really seemed to love showing.  Her eyes lit up each morning when she found herself at the show grounds with her Terv friends!   Kayla has an impressive free stack for a pup!   

I am more than lucky to have such a marvelous first show dog.  I can't thank you enough!  Kayla's outline is lovely, she has great structure, her ear set is perfect, she has a great expression, and most importantly her temperament is WONDERFUL!

Thank you so much for giving me a best friend!


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