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"About Us"

     Our first experience with the Belgian Shepherd breed was back in 1989 when someone gave us a "shepherd-collie" cross.
     She was about two when we got her and they told us she was spayed. Three weeks later she had a litter of pups. The pups were a mixture, but I remember one that stood out. It was brown with a black face. How odd I thought!!
     After that we spayed Sheba and she was with us until 1999, when she died of cancer. Over the years, we came to find out that she resembled, very closely, a Belgian Tervuren.
     Our son was very close to Sheba, so we decided to find out more about the Belgian Tervuren breed.
     Our inquiries eventually led us to Pat Casey of Yesac Kennel of Sarnia, ON Canada,  where we brought home, not one, but two little bundles of love.

       These were the most adorable puppies we had ever seen. Their names were Taylor and Rocky and they changed my life. I used to be totally involved in the Arabian horse world. But with the passing of my gelding "Dandy" my interest in horses slowly declined. Now everything in my life revolves around the dogs.

     Both puppies received their Canadian Championship by the time they were 9 months; my daughter Christine showed Rocky and Judy May started Taylor with her points and I finished her.
     By now  we were hooked, with both the breed and the competition.
     Please browse through the website and see some of our ongoing accomplishments and enjoy your visit.

I am a member in good standing of the following clubs:

Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Canada
American Belgian Tervuren Club
Canadian Kennel Club

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